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Able Ebenezer: 1 Year Later

It’s been a year since we first met Carl and Mike from the Able Ebenezer Brewing Company. Last January we drove to Carl’s log cabin in Auburn, NH to watch them brew their last five-gallon batch in the garage before moving into their facility in Merrimack, NH. Six months after that, we saw that facility open, and now a full year later, we wanted to see how things were going.

The clearest indication of that was how neither Carl nor Mike could stop smiling. Their beer is being poured in 28 restaurant and bar accounts, and they’ve added two members to their team. Jake Felton, their ‘Renaissance Man’, was their first hire— a fellow veteran who handles a little bit of everything. Heather Martin, the bar and events manager, brings industry experience to what has become a Merrimack evening hotspot. The team is enjoying exploring ideas in the ale room, which now serves full pints and hosts an open mic night on Mondays.