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Kelsen Brewery

A few days ago we visited Kelsen Brewery based out of Derry, New Hampshire. Paul and Erik are the sole owners and operators, who recently launched the brewery back in March of 2014. Paul just went full-time last week, which is a similar story we’ve heard from a lot of other great breweries in this state. They have some great brews, with fantastic labels that have epic bearded axe-wielding viking characters. So before you roll the 20-sided die, make sure you gain some HP [Hop Points] with a wonderful Kelsen elixir! Seriously though, you have to try the Spacetown Pale Ale (which has a great story about the name). It’s one of the best Pale Ales I’ve ever tasted. Thank you again Paul and Erik for letting us visit and for being so friendly! We’ll be back for b-roll…and beer!