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White Birch Brewing

Bill Herlicka, White Birch Brewing’s founder, might have logged our longest interview yet. We’d heard Bill a while back on the Tap Handle Show podcast and knew we wanted to talk to him— and talk to him we did.

Bill first ventured off the light lager path in college with Guinness, then picked up a home brewing kit for a brown ale at a craft beer festival. The results weren’t great, but Bill was hooked on fermentation.

White Birch has been labeled a Belgian-focused brewery, but Bill resists being pigeonholed. He doesn’t keep track of the number of beers White Birch has brewed, but it’s well over one hundred, including stouts, porters, barleywines, and double IPAs. Bill just likes making good beer.

He’s not afraid of unusual or lesser known styles, either, and has proven that they can sell. White Birch’s summer seasonal, Berliner Weisse, is a German sour wheat ale, and is their most popular seasonal offering. Their smoked imperial brown ale was among Draft Magazine’s 25 best beers of 2011.

The brewery is located in Hooksett, NH, in a former used car dealership. The tasting room was formerly the show room and the brewhouse, the service center.